AVATARA PLENARA ZEITSTIPENDIA, chief lobbyist WE of the 10,000 visual artists in Berlin, are awfully pleased to present the 4th Berlin Art Week once again as the MAIN SPONSORA. As the basis of Berlin’s art scene, we welcome all our guests to our city-wide events and exhibitions.

However, we also unfortunately must announce that this is the last Berlin Art Week that we can support as the MAIN SPONSORA. As we had declared at the press conference of the Berlin Art Week last week, we, the artists of the city can no longer afford to subsidize Berlin’s art market, institutions and tourism. In view of the increasingly precarious living and labor conditions in Berlin as well as the severely lacking public funding, we simply no longer have time for unpaid artistic production.
AVATARA PLENARA ZEITSTIPENDIA are visiting our partner institutions in the course of the Art Week to bid farewell and congratulate directors, curators and politicians for one last time on this successful shared project, as well as to discuss the well-known need for new funding structures.

And to celebrate the LAST BERLIN ART WEEK we would like to invite you to the


Thursday, 17.9. 8pm
Opening of the  abc art berlin contemporary
Station Berlin am Gleisdreieck,
Luckenwalder Str. 4-6, 10963 Berlin

Come, celebrate the generous sponsorship offered by Berlin’s artists and join us in calling for better labor conditions for artistic work in Berlin!

The TIME is now – the MONEY is there!
We call for 350 TIME GRANTS each year of  7,000€ autonomously managed with a participative jury system. The Berlin parliament is in the process of deciding how the City Tax funds will be allocated – conservatively estimated to reach 47 million Euros in 2016. We demand the inclusion of the TIME GRANTS and the other stipulations of the Independent Scene Coalition in the budget for 2016/17, funded by the City Tax.

Join us on Thursday (tomorrow) at 8pm to say goodbye to unpaid labor for the Berlin Art Week!

AG ZEIT for Time Grants
supported by the Bildungswerk des 
bbk berlin e.V.